We Accept

Prestige pharma payments

Please make sure to check your email inbox for full payment instructions after placing your order. Don’t forget to also check your spam folder. We usually send this email a few moments after you place your order but in some cases can take up to 6 hours.

1. Paying with Bitcoin (BTC)

Here at Prestigepharmagear.com Bitcoin is our recommended payment option  offering you a instant, anonymous and convenient payment method.  We offer an extra 5% off discount on all orders made with Bitcoin. If you wish to pay by Bitcoin (BTC), please select the Bitcoin payment option during the checkout.

You can buy bitcoin at several exchanges online. We recommend ‘Coinmama’ and ‘Coinbase’.

Once you confirm your order, you will receive and email with the Bitcoin wallet address to send the payment to. Please ensure to take care to copy the bitcoin address exactly as displayed in your email when sending payment.

2. Debit Card/Bank Transfer 

Please select to Debit Card/Bank Transfer at checkout to opt for these methods of payments.

For Bank/Wire Transfers, we will send you an email with all of the necessary information required for you to send a transfer i.e Account number, Routing number, Name etc Please pay this as soon as you receive the email.

We also offer Debit/Credit Card payments through a third party payment processor (PayPal etc) . To pay with a Debit/Credit Card, please pay the PayPal request which should be sent to your email alongside an email with payment instructions.

Please ensure to send all payments via the friends and family option. Any payments that are sent via business payment will be returned to sender.

3. Western Union/Moneygram

Pay with cash at your nearest Western Union or Moneygram outlet. To pay with this method just select Western Union/Moneygram when checking out and you will be emailed with payment instructions. It can take 2-3 days for your payment to clear with Western Union/Moneygram.

How long does payment take to clear?

Bank Transfers and Bitcoin payments are almost instant and usually clear within an hour of being paid. Payments made with Debit Card (PayPal), Western Union and Moneygram can take up to 3 days to clear.
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